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Reunion Request Form

Welcome home. We are happy to have you back for your batch's reunion in RI! 

Please kindly fill out the form below.

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Logistics required  Extension cables - Quantity: 
Please note that tables and chairs for guests will not be provided by the school.  Projector, microphones and mixer
   Wireless network
   Other equipment (e.g. foldable tables for registration, sports equipment) 
Please kindly note that a representative will need to attend an AV briefing (30 minutes) should your group have AV requirements.
Please provide three available weekdays for the briefing (between 8.30am to 3pm
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Do you require RI merchandise at your reunion?
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If you require merchandise at  your reunion, we will send you a catalogue upon receiving your reunion request.
Catering Please kindly note that catering must be hired from caterers with 'A' Grade. For the list of caterers, please visit this website